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Guru Rinpoche, part gold plated. 36cm high (excluding staff). Guru Rimpoche (Padma Sambhava) was a renowned tantric saint of Northern India. In the middle of the eight century the Tibetan King Thi-Sron Detsan sent to India inviting the learned guru to come to Tibet. He is said to have subdued all the malignant gods in the Tibet sparing only those that became converted to Buddhism and that promised to be defenders (Dharmapala) of the doctrine. Padmasambhav is represented seated on a lotus with the legs locked, the right hand holding the vajra and the left, lying in his lap, the patra. He holds his special symbol, the khatanga pressed against his breast with the left arm. The 'lost wax' method of manufacture results in enhanced detail, life expression and refined finish.

36cm Guru Rinpoche

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