Monthly Archives: February 2011

Quite Interesting Greco-Buddhist Art

On a recent BBC QI programme I was interested to learn that theĀ  robes seen on representations of the Buddha are actually influenced by ancient Greece. A quick bit of research confirmed this, and furthermore that much of Buddhist art throughout Asia has Hellenistic influences.

Following the conquests of Alexander the Great around 330 BC,

powerful Hellenistic states were set up in the area now known as Afghanistan and in Northern India. A fusion of Hellenistic and Buddhist elements started to appear in art, encouraged by the benevolence of the Greek kings towards Buddhism.

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New Year in Kathmandu

Great news in Nepal – they have just appointed a new Prime Minister after so many months of political impasse. His name is Jalanats Khanal, head of a communist party but my sources tell me, not known as a man of the people. Perhaps now we will see some change in Nepal.

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